Many people like to grill out during the Super Bowl, but for your viewing party, you can stand out from the crowd by trading animal products for plant-based treats. When showcasing mouthwatering vegan Super Bowl treats, you’ll wow your guests without sacrificing your favorite game-time flavors.

With a little creativity, you can achieve the foods even your non-vegan friends look forward to. From chip dips to chocolatey delights, the party menu can please even the pickiest carnivore. Check out these seven vegan Super Bowl treats and appetizers.

Super Bowl Treats and Vegan Eats



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1. Black Bean and Corn Guacamole

Dips are a go-to football treat, because it’s easy to keep your eyes on the screen while you dunk a corn chip in savory goodness. And you can dress up classic guacamole for an even more appealing option when you add in black beans and corn. Diced jalapeño and cilantro make potent finishing touches, too. Mash up a creamy avocado to get started on this protein-rich appetizer.

Super Bowl Treats and Vegan Eats

2. Baked Spinach Artichoke Dip

Cheese is involved in most Super Bowl food, but you can enjoy the same taste without any dairy when you make a warm vegan spinach artichoke dip. You can prepare this recipe without any unnatural substitutes when you use your preferred non-dairy milk. But the consistency is the real surprise. Cashews and tapioca starch are the secrets to this gooey snack. Toss the ingredients into a cast-iron skillet and bake them to perfection.

Super Bowl Treats and Vegan Eats

3. Spicy Red Pepper Hummus

To achieve the same heat as Buffalo wings, you only need to sub in a cayenne-packed hummus. Roast your red bell peppers in the oven and peel away the charred skins to incorporate the sweet insides with the chickpeas and tahini. Add paprika to pull the dish together — and set out some water for your friends to wash down this spicy dip. Use slender carrot sticks and celery to scoop up the hummus.

Super Bowl Treats and Vegan Eats

4. Bruschetta

For non-meat eaters, bruschetta is a simple but fun snack. With thinly sliced baguette pieces, you can have the ultimate finger food, and your guests can customize their bread with delicious plant-based garnishes. Set out a few topping variations to make a bruschetta bar that accommodates a range of preferences. Include tomatoes, basil, cilantro, non-dairy cheese, spinach and onions for people to dress up their slices.

Super Bowl Treats and Vegan Eats

5. Beer-Battered Onion Rings

You can use beer in a new way by pouring it into a batter for Vidalia onions, which will create a satisfying crunch. Your visitors can savor fried onion rings with their choice of tangy sauce. Dip your onion slices into a vegan-friendly coating, then fry them in a little vegetable oil until they’re golden brown and firm.

Super Bowl Treats and Vegan Eats

6. Portobello Sliders

Rather than serving mini burgers, you can plate marinated portobello sliders for your guests to munch on while cheering on their teams. Let the mushrooms sit in balsamic vinegar and Dijon mustard until they’ve soaked up the pungent marinade. Carmelize onions to place on top of your mushroom “patties.” Stack the portobello mushrooms and their toppings on small buns to serve.

Super Bowl Treats and Vegan Eats

7. Chewy Brownies

A Super Bowl party wouldn’t be complete without a scrumptious dessert. And in this case, a rich and fudgy one can top off your party snacks. The chewy texture comes from flax seeds, which take the place of eggs for a successful vegan spin on brownies. For a crispy outer layer and a moist inside, begin with a double boiler, then switch to baking at a lower temperature until you’ve reached the desired level of density.

Super Bowl Treats and Vegan Eats

Fix the Perfect Vegan Super Bowl Treats

To please vegan and non-vegan football fans alike, whip up one or more of these snacks or appetizers. You can reach the same level of deliciousness Super Bowl parties score each year with plant-based options. Surprise your guests with all the savory and sweet vegan Super Bowl treats they could want during the big game.


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