When you’re trying to figure out a way to live your life without products created with chemicals, it can take some time to learn how you can use what you have. Not everything is as upfront as using aloe vera to soothe a sunburn. To find other eco-friendly, more natural alternatives, you’re going to need to take some time to learn how to use what you own a little bit differently.

Avocado oil is an all-natural alternative to what you can find at a grocery store, like canola oil. It’s found in nature, and many people find it to have a better taste. But what can you do with avocado oil other than use it in your kitchen?



“Avocado oil is an all-natural alternative

that can be used for many different purposes,

so try it out for yourself to save some

money and live a greener life.” 



Read on for eight ways you can use your avocado oil other than to cook.


1. Make a Sugar Scrub

One of the ways chemicals often sneak into people’s lives is through skin care products. Facial scrubs are a popular way to take care of your skin, especially for those who are looking to re-hydrate. While store brand facial scrubs will have chemicals in them that consumers can’t even pronounce, you can make your own sugar scrub with sugar and avocado oil at home in just a few minutes. People with sensitive skin may even get better results.

Eight Ways to Use Avocado Oil 

2. Treat Your Hair

Oils have proven to be useful when styling or taking care of hair. A recent study showed that when vegetable oils are applied to a person’s scalp, it prevents current and future damage. It soothes the hair follicles and makes growing hairs stronger so they don’t break easily. This is critical for anyone turning to chemical hair treatments when their hair is thin or experiences frequent breakage.


3. Soften Your Cuticles

When you get your nails done, your hands soak in a bowl of blue liquid. It may feel warm and smell nice, but that blue color isn’t naturally occurring, and neither is that liquid. Skip the major spa expense and soften your cuticles at home. Rub avocado oil over your hands and let it sit while you catch up on your favorite show. Afterwards, you’ll be able to trim and shape your cuticles just as well as if you were at a salon.

Eight Ways to Use Avocado Oil 

4. Remove Your Makeup

Anyone who wears makeup knows it can be a pain to take off at night, especially if you wear anything meant for 24-hour or waterproof usage. There are makeup remover products at the store you can get, but what’s actually in them? Grab that bottle of avocado oil instead when you want to take your makeup off. The oil naturally loosens and removes makeup while re-hydrating your face, so you never have to compromise a fresh face with dried out skin.


5. Fix a Squeaky Hinge

You may pay close attention to when you do the dishes or vacuum your living room, but when was the last time you thought about your door hinges? They’ll get squeaky after a while, which is annoying when it gets frequent and loud enough. You can fix a squeaky hinge with avocado oil just like you would with a regular can of oil. Put a few drops on the troublesome hinge before opening and closing the door a few times. The oil will work its way into the hinge and solve the squeaky problem with ease.

Eight Ways to Use Avocado Oil 

6. Banish Dark Circles

Many people spend time every morning using traditional chemical makeup to cover up dark circles, but avocado oil can fix them overnight. Start a new beauty routine by rubbing avocado oil under your eyes before you head to bed. The nutrients, along with the Vitamin B and C it has, will get rid of dark circles while helping to increase your skin’s elasticity. This will all create a younger, fresher glow you can wake up with every morning.


7. Cure Diaper Rash

Keep your baby safe from potentially harmful chemicals by making your own diaper rash cream. Avocado oil, along with some essential oils and beeswax, will make a quick and effective cream that will soothe your baby while you apply it.

Eight Ways to Use Avocado Oil 

8. Polish Your Shoes

Polishing shoes is a regular daily activity for some people, but it’s an easy task to dread when shoe polish smells so bad. Ever wondered what you’re really rubbing into your shoes? You’ll never have to wonder again when you use avocado oil. The same components of avocado oil that help lift makeup and hydrate skin will also clean the surface of shoes while it polishes them.

Try polishing one of your shoes with avocado oil and the other with your regular shoe shining product to see how easy it can be to switch to a chemical-free lifestyle. You won’t have to deal with the bad smell sticking in your nose or on your hands. Switching some of your normal lifestyle habits with avocado oil could be one of the easiest and best ways to make your life greener all around.

There’s no big leap into the unknown when you use avocado oil in your life. You may already be used to using it in your cooking, so now you can experiment a little more with a product you already trust. Use it to remove your make up, oil your door hinges or even treat your baby’s diaper rash. Avocado oil has stuck around during changing times because it can be used for so many different things, so try it out for yourself today to save some money and live a greener life.


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