Do You Really Need Makeup Brushes?

There is a lot that goes into applying makeup.

Neither is it everyone’s cup of tea and nor is it as easy as slicing through a cake.

There is a lot of precision and expertise involved in applying makeup in the most

perfect of measures and ways.

Here is where the role of comes to be of optimum importance.

These brushes are your tool to stardom.

Use them well and they treat you like the princess you are.

The Importance of Makeup Brushes

Do You Really Need Makeup Brushes?

A lot of people disregard the important role the brushes has to play in your make up routine

and that is when it all starts going downhill.

Recognizing the makeup brushes, their functions and ways of applications is as important as

buying the makeup you like.

So, yes, you do need makeup brushes and also need to brush up on their different types, to help

you make the best picks.

Brushes for Eye Makeup

Do You Really Need Makeup Brushes?

The eyes are the focal area of every make up routine.

Playing with eye makeup can change your whole look, with every new customization made.

It is the eye makeup brushes that make these customizations possible.

There are a variety of eye makeup brushes, some of them are listed below:

Every brush has their own and unique role to play.

Do You Really Need Makeup Brushes?

The Shadow brush is used to apply different shades of shadows to the eye lids and bring them

together with quick and harmonious strokes.

The eyebrow brush is used to fill in the eye brows with eye shadows or other filling agents and

make it look thicker and fuller.

The eyeliner brush is used for creating lovely lining effects on your eye.

These are often extremely slender.

Dip the end of these brushes in your favorite liner and slide them gently and carefully over the edge

of your eyelid to line them beautifully.

The mascara brush is used to pain the eye lashes and make them appear more voluminous.

Brushes for Face Makeup

Do You Really Need Makeup Brushes?

It is of optimum importance that you find the right shade of base for your face, not doing

so will result in a face that looks too white or too dark.

Once you have chosen the best shade of compact or foundation for you face, you must choose

between powder and liquid versions of the same.

There are different brushes for both powdered and liquid foundation.

These brushes are used to merge the base seamlessly with your facial skin and make it look

smoother and give it the complexion you have been aiming for.

Brushes for Lip Makeup

Do You Really Need Makeup Brushes?

The brush for your lip make-up is a powerful weapon.

You can use it to transfer yourself from a doll to a diva, just by altering the shade of the lipstick

or altering the stroke.

This brush is generally tapered in form and is a fine, small brush that both lines and fills up your

lips beautifully.

Do You Really Need Makeup Brushes?

There are also a bunch of other special brushes that you must know about.

These brushes include – eye lid brush, contouring brush, crease brush, etc.

Get yourself the best makeup brushes for the best makeup looks.


What types of makeup brushes do you use?

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