Athletes that have coming games and events, whether it’s the very first one or even a practice round, can get the nerves. Nervousness comes to everyone, even to seasoned golfers! It’s a natural reaction the body tends to make when stressed. The body boosts the adrenaline function to prepare to fight or flee in situations perceived as a threat. The palms get sweaty, the heart rate increases, and the feeling of anxiety, dread, and excitement are there all at once.

Different people find different ways to cope with the nerves; however, there are a few things that can be taken note of. The first step of beating nervousness is acknowledging it, and from there, one can break free of the nerves and jitters. Here are five ways to beat golfers nerves.


“The first step of beating golfers

nerves is acknowledging it, and from

there, one can break free of the

nerves and jitters.”


1. Breathe

It is important to breathe in any kind of stressful situation. Golfers in particular need to breathe properly to be able to do a good game. is all about giving a better performance, which is true for any kind of sport. While on the way to the course on your , you can do breathing practices.

Take long deep breaths to calm yourself down. A good practice to make anxiety and jitters to go away is to lengthen the exhale when breathing. Count to four when inhaling, then count to six when exhaling. Repeat this as many times as necessary to get the body to relax and the mind to get back its focus. Oxygen is necessary for the mind to work better, and when the mind is in a better state, the body follows suit. This makes proper breathing important as a factor for better performance in whatever physical activity or sport.

5 Ways to Beat Golfers Nerves

2. Visualize the Goal

Take the time to visualize the results you want to see. This will help in giving a clear direction of what needs to be done and helps the body ease into that athlete state of mind. Think about the form, the swing, and the body’s movement even before everything happens and the mind will help the body follow through. Having a clear goal of what you want is vital in ensuring the success of it happening. Getting into the rhythm is much easier once one has allowed oneself to visualize the results.

5 Ways to Beat Golfers Nerves

3. Focus on the Moment

Although it is necessary to visualize the goal, it is also necessary to keep oneself grounded and not be too caught up in the potential results. Concentration is vital to success in any sport since this helps one make more deliberate, calculated decisions. This means that the mind is in a better state to control how the body needs to move for better results. Be in the present, and the likelihood of better performance should increase.

5 Ways to Beat Golfers Nerves

4. Focus on the Good Thoughts

Being prepared mentally means learning to cast away doubts and fears even before going out on the golf course. are a thing that many athletes and golfers go through when playing. Anger and frustration should be kept in check. If a shot doesn’t go as planned, then accept what happened while remaining calm and cool and  continue playing. Do not let feelings swell up inside during play as this will likely cause even more unnecessary emotions to come. Focusing on the good thoughts will help a golfer shake away the nerves during a course.

5 Ways to Beat Golfers Nerves

5. Be Prepared Physically

Being physically prepared means that a golfer must be in great condition when playing. All that practice to get the shots right, all the weeks of doing the same swing—these can all mean nothing if the body isn’t well taken care of. Body sores is not uncommon for physically demanding activities like sports, and golf is one of many.

Take care of the body during practices so that one can keep going. Rest when necessary and work twice as hard each day. The muscles in the body go through a lot of stress and pressure, which makes it necessary to prevent further injuries. The muscles produce lymphatic fluids that makes them inflamed and causes it to swell. Having on hand will help with muscle swelling. It can help relieve pain while supporting muscles, tendons, and ligaments, enabling the muscles to heal itself even when it is used constantly.

Nervousness is a natural reaction your body does to cope with stressful situations. It can happen in an instant and can easily disappear for as long as one knows what to do. In an uncomfortable situation, remind yourself that nervousness is normal. Many people feel this way when presented with new challenges and opportunities. Ultimately, these experiences help us grow. Treat nervousness as a good sign of things to come and that the passion one has for golfing rings true.


What are your favorite tips for dealing with golfers nerves?

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