It’s impossible to know the true extent of workplace harassment in the United States. Sadly, so much of it goes unreported.

But you can take a stand if you’re a victim of workplace harassment. The law will protect you, according to the attorneys at the in Nashville.

There are many types of workplace harassment, and knowing the correct way to deal with an uncomfortable or dangerous situation is important.

Workplace Harassment Explained By The Employment and Consumer Law Group

Most Common Types Of Workplace Harassment

The most common types of workplace harassment are sexual harassment, personal harassment (bullying) and physical harassment.

It’s estimated that only 19 percent of women report sexual harassment in the workplace, thus making most current statistics not a reliable predictor of how prevalent it really is.There’s no telling what the true extent of sexual harassment is.

The Employment and Consumer Law Group says that although it is difficult, victims must report any incidents of harassment. Contacting upper management is the first step, but if this proves unsuccessful, you should seek legal advice from trusted.

You deserve justice, and the dedicated work of skilled employment attorneys can help victims get the fair treatment they deserve.

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What Should You Do If You’re Being Harassed at Work?

You must make it clear the behavior of the perpetrator is inappropriate. Say that you don’t approve and that you will be reporting it.

It’s important to fill out a formal report so you have evidence of the incident later. If you do have to take legal action, this sort of evidence is essential.

But what happens if the powers-that-be don’t take your concerns seriously?

Then you need to go elsewhere to pursue justice. Contact a trusted employment law firm. That’s how you can make it clear that you’re prepared to take legal action. If your employer still takes no action or you hear threats of retaliation, your lawyer can protect your rights and explain your legal options.



How The Law Protects People From Workplace Harassment

A lot of people don’t report workplace harassment because they don’t believe the law will protect them.

That’s not true. The federal government and individual states have strict laws on what is considered harassment in the workplace.

A carefully constructed case gives you the best chance of a favorable outcome. Experienced attorneys always recommend that victims gather as much evidence as they can if possible.

For example, if a fellow worker damages your property, take pictures of the damage. You should also record and report any ongoing harassment, even after your first report.

The attorneys at the Employment and Consumer Law Group say having an experienced attorney by your side can help you make sense of your case and what you can expect as you take the issue forward.

Workplace Harassment Explained By The Employment and Consumer Law Group

Why Don’t More People Report Workplace Harassment?

In the past, it was difficult to prove a case of workplace harassment. Only now are legislators waking up to the true extent of the problem.

Previously, victims were simply not believed. That’s why they began to keep quiet and let instances of harassment go unreported. But bad press means that companies can no longer take the risk of ignoring harassment, particularly as historical cases of harassment and abuse continue to appear.

If you’ve been a victim of workplace harassment, don’t ignore the issue. Contact an employment lawyer for a consultation today.

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