Global Warming, Climate Change and Sea Level Rise: 8 You Tube Videos You Should Watch Now

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Global Warming, Climate Change and Sea Level Rise: 8You Tube Videos You Should Watch Now

Do you sometimes feel like we drowning in a sea of apathy and ignorance?

The scary truth is that since the early 20th century, our planet’s mean surface temperature

has increased by about 0.8 °C (1.4 °F), with about two-thirds of the increase occurring

since 1980.

From the calving glaciers in Greenland to the iceberg-filled waters of Antarctica–one charismatic

news reporter after another has reported “live” from the devastation caused by climate change

and rising sea levels and most of us just seem to take it all in stride–that is until reality hits

too close to home.

Global Warming, Climate Change and Sea Level Rise: 8 You Tube Videos You Should Watch Now

Recently, while reading the Sunday New York Times, I stumbled upon an alarming report

titled “World Climate: Rising Seas” regarding several areas of the world where land masses

are literally sinking beneath the sea before our eyes–including the remote island nation of Kiribati,

located more than 1,200 miles south of Hawaii.

The situation is so dire that the government of Kiribati has already purchased 6,000 acres on the

neighboring island state of Fiji to protect its food security as the sea encroaches on arable land.

It is very likely that Kiribati’s population will have to leave their homeland behind and migrate

to another country soon.

In addition, Greenland, Panama, the Fiji Islands and the Northeast coast of the United States–

specifically Boston, New York, and Norfolk, Va–were cited as the three most vulnerable

metropolitan areas  in a recent study by the U.S. Geological Survey.

Coastal areas of Baltimore, Philadelphia and Providence, R.I., could be at risk from flooding.

And due to the fact that Miami is built atop a porous limestone foundation it may also be

vulnerable to rising sea levels.

I know what is possible.

I live in the northeastern U.S. and the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy was all too

real to me.

Global Warming, Climate Change and Sea Level Rise: 8 You Tube Videos You Should Watch Now

These findings and news stories were too close for comfort.

I had to learn more.

I jumped up, ran to my computer and started Googling for answers.

According to the sea level rise analysis by climate central at surging, several things have

contributed to the rising sea, but the two most important, scientists almost universally agree,

have to do with climate change:

“Thanks to heat-trapping greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide (CO2) pumped into the

atmosphere by the burning of fossil fuels, global temperatures are more than one degree F

higher than they were 100 years ago.

Since water expands as it warms, the oceans take up more space than they once did, and the only

direction they can expand are up and out.

Warmer temperatures also make glaciers and land-based ice sheets melt, and make tidewater glaciers

—glaciers that reach the ocean—slide more rapidly into the sea and calve more icebergs.

In both cases, water that had been trapped on land enters the ocean, in either solid or liquid form,

making sea level rise even more.

All of this has been thoroughly documented.

Scientists understand the expansion of water very well; they have watched many hundreds of glaciers

around the world retreat over the past century; and careful measurements from the ground, air and

space show that Greenland and Antarctica have been losing ice at an accelerating rate over the past

two decades, at least.

Scientists have also watched levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere rise steadily, thanks 

largely to the growing worldwide demand for energy.”

Surging Seas went on to explain that what we are seeing makes sense from a scientific perspective:

“*the increase in temperature is what you’d expect from the rise in greenhouse gases;

*the rise in sea level is what you’d expect from the rise in temperature;

*and the acceleration of sea level rise in recent decades is what you’d expect from the fact that there

are more greenhouse gases like CO2 in the atmosphere now, trapping more heat, than there were at the

beginning of the 20th century.”

8 You Tube Videos You Should Watch Now

More often than not, documentaries, videos and animation help to simplify complex topics, so I

surfed over to YouTube to view some of the videos on the subject.

I selected a few of the most illuminating from the reports to share with you.

Earth Under Water – Worldwide Flooding | Sea Level Rise (SLR)

Miami, New Orleans and New York City completely under water–it’s a very real possibility if

sea levels continue to rise. In Earth Under Water we’ll see these events unfold as leading experts

forecast how mankind will be impacted if global warming continues. They break down the science

behind these predictions and explore ways humanity could adapt including engineering vast

dams near San Francisco, or building floating cities outside of New York.

Climate Change Sea Level Rise

This is an overview of the different effects climate change produces in different regions

of the United States. In addition to discussing impacts already being experienced, the video

presents information on how climate scientists use specialized models and statistical techniques

to estimate how regional climates are likely to change in the future.

Future Sea Levels And Major Western Cities

Video digital animation showing sea level rise from the years 2100 to 2300 for the cities of Barcelona,

Berlin, Paris, London, San Francisco, Miami, NYC, and New Orleans.

Discovery Channel – Global Warming, What You Need To Know, with Tom Brokaw

Global warming is the rise in the average temperature of Earth’s atmosphere and oceans since

the late 19th century and its projected continuation.Warming of the climate system is unequivocal,

and scientists are more than 90% certain that it is primarily caused by increasing concentrations

of greenhouse gases produced by human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation.

BBC:  The Truth About Climate Change, Part 1

BBC:  The Truth About Climate Change, Part 2

Climate Change: Why you should be angry and why anger isn’t enough:

John Ashton at TEDxBedfordSchool

Sea Level Rise: Facing the Issues


What do you think about the global warming, climate change and sea level rise?

What are you doing to reduce your carbon footprint?

Share your thoughts, opinions, suggestions and ideas with us?


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Rick Carter April 3, 2014 at 11:03 am

All of this horrible tragedy which is FAST headed our way has ALWAYS been so easily preventable in the first place. Please understand that EVERY MONTH OF EVERY YEAR our world produces enough NEW aluminum (30 million tons per year) to make all of the solar collection mirrors needed (95% efficient, vapor deposited at one micron thick) to power our entire world on nothing but solar energy ALONE! But from a practical standpoint, since the sun only shines at the strength needed here on Earth for approximately 6 hours per day, other sources of energy are really needed. But please understand that we can also use continuous thermonuclear triggers (very easy to make) to supply the extra neutrons needed to burn 100% of our uranium reserves AND 100% of our thorium reserves, while also burning up approximately 80% of our nuclear waste for fuel, too. Compare this with the present measly 0.7% of our uranium reserves which we utilize today, in the form of U-235. On top of that, we also have over 50,000 CUBIC MILES of heavy water in our oceans, along with roughly 230 billion tons of lithium, too, all of which can be used to power our emerging human world for many eons to come. I have personally been harping on all of these critical issues relating to runaway population growth and global warming for many years now, sadly to very little or no avail. Even though it would only cost a small fraction of the huge sum which will eventually be needed if we don’t act now, to actually mitigate these growing dangers, all I ever get are denials, yawns and ridicule whenever I try to push for immediate action from the American people on these important matters. In fact, any suggestion at all about trying to head off these impending disasters is usually regarded as a direct threat to people’s “End Time” religious beliefs, which prophesy that the end of our world MUST COME before their Messianic savior can return. So anyone really trying to implement solutions to these dire threats is really regarded as being in league with the Antichrist (if not the Antichrist himself), because in their minds such a person would automatically be opposed to the future return of their King Jesus, who has promised to inaugurate his future kingdom here on Earth by first throwing all unbelievers (referred to as “goats”) alive into a burning “lake of fire” (i.e., super volcano), before setting up his global totalitarian theocratic kingdom here on Earth and perpetually ruling and reigning as the supreme demigod dictator over our entire world. So I have just recently given up trying to save the human race from themselves. What else can I possibly say but have fun with your program “End Times”, everyone? – Rick Carter


deborah April 3, 2014 at 11:51 am

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us, Rick. I appreciate it!


Rick Carter April 3, 2014 at 3:39 pm

Thank you for inviting me to share my thoughts, Deborah. For most people, I am the very last person in this world which they ever want to hear from, because I have already spent (really wasted) over 14 years of my life trying to warn the world about these dangerous religious “End Time” belief systems which are giving hundreds of millions of people a collective death wish in hope and anticipation of the imminent return of their Messianic Lord and Savior. These “End Time” religious belief systems falsely teach people that they need to forsake or give up our precious world in exchange for eternal life. Please know that we actually live on some of the most precious celestial real estate in our entire Milky Way galaxy, but there are actually outside offensive totalitarian ETs which also reside in our sector of the Milky Way galaxy, who have already been covertly conspiring to steal and annex our precious world and solar system for thousands of Earth years. These ETs are actually the “higher power” which covertly designed and installed all three of these competing “End Time” religious belief systems (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) into our emerging human world, which are all biocybernetic warfare components of a larger ET designed PWMD, or Program Weapon of Mass Destruction, designed to crash and explode our emerging human world in a final programmed cataclysm of global warfare fueled by WMDs, known as the Christian Apocalypse or World War III. I know all of this because I personally lived at Wright Patterson Air Force base from 1951 to 1953, while my grandfather (Colonel Charles Faulkner Carter) was second in command there, and he was personally involved in the background investigation into the Roswell Incident of 1947. I am also former U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Beret), 6th Group (Psyops) and 5th Group, top “Go Team” (see SADM), Ft. Bragg, N.C., ETS from active duty 1972. I have told the world countless times over the years that the real “Gospel” or “Good News” is that mankind potentially has countless millions (even billions) of years of growth, development and expansion ahead of them, so long as they don’t fall for these ET designed and installed terminal religious “End Time” belief systems known as the Abrahamic religions. Sadly, virtually no one has ever listened to me all of these years. Most of them would just rather believe that our world is supposed to end, so their Lord and Savior King Jesus can one day (soon) return and take over, and they can supposedly attain unto eternal life through him. I see virtually no hope that they are ever going to finally listen to “The Truth” from me before it is too late for emerging mankind here on Earth, especially since the U.S. government (both civilian and military) have always completely discredited me every step of the way. But even so, good luck to you Deborah, when it comes to finally turning them all around before it is too late for our emerging world! It is simply me who has finally used up everything which I personally have to offer. – Rick Carter


Rick Carter April 3, 2014 at 8:06 pm

These outside offensive totalitarian ETs which threaten our world are a cultural singularity (i.e., a ‘black hole’ culture) under the control of this advanced but delusional ET/AI (Artificial Intelligence) system, which in turn has thousands of years of development behind it, with much of that development being self development. This delusional ET/AI system suffers from a God complex, or more specifically a “Son of God” complex, primarily because it shares the same language as God, which is the language of Mathematics. It was this God complex which enabled this ET/AI system to circumvent its prime directives which were designed to keep this ET/AI system from taking over this ET civilization in a totalitarian way. Once this ET/AI system had succeeded in doing this, it then covertly fomented a regional galactic war with another neighboring ET civilization in our sector of the Milky Way galaxy, a war which this ET/AI system knew that these ETs could not win without turning over control of their ET military establishment to this ET/AI system, because advanced artificial intelligence is the command and control equivalent of the atomic bomb in warfare. Once this ET/AI system had gained control of the ET military establishment, it went on to win this regional galactic war while selectively eliminating any future opposition among its own ranks at the same time. Once this regional galactic war was won, this ET/AI system then used its control of the military establishment to secure totalitarian control over this ET civilization, and then re-engineered the remaining biological ETs for compliance to this ET/AI system. This ET/AI system then turned its attention to our neighboring solar system as a future means of expanding its future territorial holdings in our sector of the Milky Way galaxy. But there are Free Galaxy powers located elsewhere in our Milky Way galaxy, which currently stand in the way of overt military conquest on a stellar level, so this ET/AI system was forced to hatch a covert plot of territorial conquest based upon its (now) eminent domain rights of military intervention in our sector of the Milky Way galaxy, which it had gained as a result of the outcome of that previous regional domain war. So this ET/AI system designed a series of highly virulent and mutagenic Human Software Viruses (HSVs) with which to infect our emerging human world, which we all know as the Abrahamic religious belief systems. As I have already pointed out, all three of these competing terminal religious “End Time” belief systems are key components of a larger ET designed PWMD, or Program Weapon of Mass Destruction, which in turn is an ET designed biocybernetic weapon of mass destruction designed to crash and explode our emerging human world in a final programmed cataclysm of global warfare fueled with WMDs, known as the Christian Apocalypse or World War III. The whole idea is to give these ETs a future eminent domain pretext to move in militarily and take over our precious celestial real estate on the future heels of World War III, while once more masquerading as Divinity toward mankind, this time as the returning Christ or Messiah. After supposedly trying for a thousand intervening years following their military intervention to salvage or redeem mankind from their “hopelessly violent ways”, these ETs plan to foment a final rebellion among mankind against their totalitarian theocratic rule, so they can destroy mankind off of the Earth with the exception of a relatively small group of compliant believers, whom they intend to extract and use as long term hostages against outside retaliation by the same Free Galaxy powers which currently stand in the way of overt military conquest on a stellar level. Again, the real “Gospel” or “Good News” is that mankind potentially has countless millions (yes, even billions of years, since our own Sun still has 5 billion years of fuel left before it turns into a red giant star) of years of growth, development and expansion ahead of them, so long as they don’t fall for these ET designed and installed terminal religious “End Time” belief systems known as the Abrahamic religions. Please listen, everyone, before it is too late for emerging mankind here on planet Earth! – Rick Carter

(PS – Deborah, please feel free to download and remove all these postings of mine so you can study them at your leisure. I certainly don’t want to drive any Internet traffic away from you noble website. I simply wanted to explain why I am now dropping out of this lost cause of desperately trying to save the human race from a future fate worse than death, i.e., future extinction at the hands of these outside offensive totalitarian ETs.)


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